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Design Pinuccio Borgonovo, 2021

A modular system of furniture that, thanks to its design semplicity with clean lines, allows the creation of solutions that can be included in every room of the house: from living to dining rooms, from bedrooms to hallways or even in home offices. The structure is a sheet of metal that has been curved harmoniously to produce sideboards in a range of dimensions, horizontal or vertical open storage units or with doors, shelves. The visual lightness of the edges is balanced by the solidity of the materials; the simple shapes by the variety of the finishes (matt burnished, anodic bronze, oxide, black, greige, white, magma and ocean). The doors and the back panels are available in the same finishes or with a smoked or bronzed mirror finish.
In Foglio, the clean shapes – a common feature of the items in the collection – are combined with a comprehensive range of original and exclusive finishes, with maximum care and attention paid to every structural detail.
The crafted finish of Magma, for example, with its absolute shades of red can be selected for the structural frame and for the doors or embellished with fumè or bronzed glass doors.
The cupboards can be wall-hung or floor-standing, in a range of dimensions that allow optimal furnishing of every size of space.
In this arrangement, the elements of Foglio match the black finish with mirrored doors and back panels, projecting light and a touch of modernity into the classical black and white décor of the living room.
In all elements of the Foglio collection, the visual lightness is countered by the solidity of the gently curved metal sheet used in the production.
The simple lines of Foglio are perfect for the strong colors, such as the blues of the Oceano finish. The crafted coating changes in terms of intensity and shading in each unique and inimitable creation.
The TV or home theater zone also has extremely original appeal with Foglio: the shelf and the vertical and horizontal storage units define and outline the areas dedicated to the big screens.
The elements of Foglio in greige are elegant and sophisticated – cupboards, shelves and horizontal storage units – furnish entire walls without adding any apparent heaviness, sliding easily into any color scheme.
The cupboard of the Foglio collection, with the ‘metallic’ oxide finish, is also available in a double-face version, perfect for positioning in the middle of a room, to outline pathways or to discretely separate the spaces.