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Every style has its season.
Revamp your home

The place you live in evolves with you everyday.
Change and transform your home at a whim - thanks to our removable covers.

Our fabrics

Invented and processed with great care and precision to ensure durability over time. Designed and produced to offer unique and stylish weaves and textures.

Our fabrics are the result of depth research that travels between artisan traditions and advanced technology. They have been designed to ensure practical use and maximum resistance over time, even after numerous washes.

We offer a range of more than 140 products to allow clients to choose the fabrics that are most suitable for their personal style and needs, on the basis of the weaves, the textures and the weight.

All of this rotates in a coherent ecosystem in which it is possible to ‘design’ all the fabrics needed for your interior design. This is because we firmly believe that the home must always reflect the personality of the inhabitants.

Our leathers

Soft and supple, shiny and top quality, transmitting unique sensations on touch, thanks to precision artisan processes that respect history.

Our hides and leathers are sourced from highly specialized companies and originate exclusively from European cattle. Our skins resist the heaviest stress levels, simply because they have been treated with procedures that are deeply-rooted in the ancient history of artisan skills.

We respect the original grain, preserving the texture, the signs, the swirls and even the natural imperfections that add personality, intrinsic value and luxury.

The high quality is the result of the work done by skilful hands that know from years of experience exactly what to do..

Feel them for yourself

Our samples will provide the assistance you need

Are you a professional specialized in interior design? Enter the reserved area and download all of the resources you require to perfect your projects, you can request samples of the fabrics and materials and give a tangible shape to your creativity.

Textile collection

Explore the entire universe of materials and colors dedicated to your home.