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The wide range of Flou duvets has been studied to transform every night into an experience of absolute wellness.

Starting from the careful selection of highest quality raw materials - traditional Hungarian goose down - to the most innovative developments - the fiber consisting of bioceramic particles and silver for the Total Body duvet - the Flou duvets have been designed for heat regulation and to maintain a constant body temperature, guaranteeing the dispersion of damp released during sleep and guaranteeing complete transpiration.

Moreover, each Flou duvet is available in the 4-seasons version, created by joining two duvets of different weights to customize the duvet and ensure the correct duvet weight for every season throughout the year.

Total Body duvet

A duvet with Total Body padding, a special bioceramic fiber with silver ions, that can transfer heat evenly and encourage the circulation of blood.
Used in combination with mattresses that are filled with the same material, it enhances the delightful feeling of sleeping while cocooned in a sort of protective nest.

Available in the 4-seasons version:
(300gr/mq + 80gr/mq);
winter : (300gr/mq); summer: (80gr/mq).

Hungarian goose down duvet

Extremely light and soft, this duvet has no equals in terms of quality and softness. Once the highest quality feathers have been selected, they are subjected to a careful sterilization process in Spa waters; they then fill the duvet bag that has been given a special treatment against house-mite.

Available in the 4-seasons version (160gr/mq + 100gr/mq).

Goose down duvet

The down used to fill these duvets is harvested exclusively from the bird’s neck region (these feathers are the warmest and softest). All of the down feathers are hand-selected, sorted by weight and size, and carefully sterilized.

The duvet is available in the version for winter (180gr/mq) and the 4 seasons (160gr/mq + 100gr/mq).

Anti-allergenic duvet

Filled with a special polyester padding, it has high transpiration and anti-allergenic properties.

Available in the 4-seasons version (300gr/mq + 100gr/mq).