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Flou Collection 2021

An endless variety of shapes, colours, shades can be exploited to breathe life into a collection that, first and foremost, can be described as an ode to life, a celebration of emotions in all of their diverse aspects.

Because now, more than ever before, it is essential to bond with everything around us, with their constant evolution and endless changes.

Every emotion stirs the imagination.

A pathway that winds its way through the hues and environments offered by nature, to discover just how immediate the bond is between perception and experience in our lives.

Look at one world
to discover many more

In contact with the environment to discover how each and every detail, the very smallest variation on a theme, leads to countless interpretations and myriad involvement of the senses.
  • Nothing is more amazing than the perfect union between colours and shapes that are visible in life generated by nature.

Discover Colours and Materials 2021