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Flou selected this piece of architecture with its audacious shapes to tell a story and bring the products of the new collection to life.
The collection was clearly inspired by nature, its shapes and the innate beauty of everything that is alive and changeable.
It is almost a contradiction, an apparent contrast that highlights the sharp shapes of the architecture and exalts the importance of the furniture; their soft flowing lines that communicate harmoniously with each other, eliminating the boundaries between the inside and the outside.


A new esthetic concept based on everything that is born, develops and grows in nature.
From the creations of the teacher par excellence, the world that surrounds us, its lines, its movement, and the energy emitted, offered to Man each and every day, as a unique and unrepeatable reference model.

New products

Natural elements, the combination of quality materials, brainstorming to define innovative ideas and the technological instruments employed to finalize them: these are the ingredients of an esthetically revolutionary and contemporary collection.
Each individual piece has been designed to slide unobtrusively into any context where it will be possible to really live in close contact with our surroundings, always remembering how important it is to respect, protect and care for it.